Welcome to the
Friends of Headley Lane Park!

Headley Parkers – Friends of Headley Lane Park


Weds 15th October 2014 : 7:30pm


Hannah Knight – Chair person (HK)

Louise Genge – Treasurer (LG)

Sharon Templeman- Secretary (ST)

Francesca Barrett (FB)

Sophie Meade (SM)

Jenna Alford (JA)

Hannah Fortt (HF)

Vicki Batt (VB)

All the group (ALL)


Welcomes and introductions (HK)


Accounts update (HK)

Accounts summary document distributed to the group


Door to door collection
The money from this needs to be counted as door
to door collections not complete
There are still lots of streets that need door


Grants update: (HK)
Biffa – will hear in the next 2 months
ITV West Country East People millions – have
been shortlisted-     
Project name is Space2Play
Broadcasting for 3 nights on ITV around 6pm
Our project will be shown Monday 24th
We will be against Broadlands school – a
community garden and growing vegetables.
Voting by telephoning only – 15p a call from
landline or mobile –up to 10 times
Only find out the number on the morning of the
24th November for the vote that evening.   Voting can start from the morning until
approx.. 9pm
Can officially announce it from the 28th


Promotion of People
Millions ;

asked if anyone knows any printing companies
requested if anyone knew of old banners that we could recycle and use to
promote the Peoples  Millions.
Walk in centre at Hengrove – VB Mum works there, and will request
leaflet to be displayed
Newspaper round in the community – FB could arrange a flyer in the
will ask Marks and Spencer if they could give out a leaflet
has links at Bristol City Community radio
suggested car windscreen flyers in supermarket car parks
suggested stickers for children for local schools on the day with the telephone
HK to
find out if local businesses can sponsor this project, to reduce outlay costs
described a previous project, regarding increasing the number of bees.  The project group had limited funds and
knitted bees were displayed in the area, and a car was decorated as a bee to
promote the project
advised for previous projects 50% of votes come from promotion prior to the day
the project is shown on ITV.
spoke about the logo, and the suggestion was a space theme.  The logo must be easy to recreate.  JA
will consult with an artist friend.
to promote the project it was decided to use space hoppers as it links in with
the space project theme, its retro, it needs space to play on it, its active,
and it’s colourful and fun.  It was
decided to put out space hoppers in key strategic places, and for activities to
be held around space hoppers, for example space hopper races.   An action point is to work out the costings
of space hoppers.
asked what happens on the voting night,  HK to find out
it was agreed the colour theme would be lime green


Playground plans

HK showed the group the Playdale
catalogue and the types of equipment

Vandalism and anti-social

HF advised CCTV
and/or security needed if we have new park equipment

LG advised she
has spoken to the local police.  LG advised she did invite the police to
the AGM.

The number 101 needs to be called for anti-social behaviour

Community centre

HK advised she is
now a committee member, and said if anyone wants to be a committee member then
very welcome.

HK advised a new
community notice board for the park, and community centre will be coming in the
near future. 

October half term

Bristol City Council; Sport, Play and Funding will be coming
to the park Tuesday 28th October.  
More details to come i.e. times and suitable age.   Darren from Sport, Play and Funding wants to
do other activities for example, boot camps, Zumba, insanity in the community.   He will arrange a questionnaire to see what
the community needs.


Future events or
fundraising ideas

HK advised we
need a fundraising committee

JA suggested a
clothing bag collection, but opening the bags to sell off the clothes before
weighing them in

HK suggested a
children’s disco

Election of committee

FB to become a
committee member

HF to become a
committee member

JA to become a
committee member


Jennie Hucker is supporting the group with producing a
formal set of accounts.


HK to arrange a meeting for the promotion of Peoples

Thank you to all who attended the AGM



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